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Mara: Sh0rk of Justice

A handheld adventure game about the sh0rk Mara · By Within


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Mara is on 3DS now!
Now you can play through Mara’s exciting adventure on 3DS! Just install the cia with FBI on your hacked 3DS and you’ll be able to experience the journey!...
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Version 1.0.0 Released!
This game has been tested and is known to be feature-complete. I have unlocked purchases and the ability to download the rom. Please let me know how you like it...
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More puzzles added
I added more puzzles, fixed some collision bugs and now the game is actually beatable again!...
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Maze Area Added
I added a massive maze area that I will be fleshing out. There are a few more doors that I will put other items in to help you defeat the evil mage. See if you...
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Mara Sprite
I added a sprite for our sharky heroine...
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A handheld adventure game about the sh0rk Mara
Savegame support
With this update the game now has support for saving and resuming your game. There is also an information screen that will be full of useful information in the...
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Collissions and Dialogue
I updated the collision and dialogue triggers. I also made the dudeman on the roof not animated because he isn’t going to be moving anytime soon...
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